Social structure

Artist Statement

I am a representational painter. My work is mostly figurative because a human body can express an endless range of emotions. Any human is aware of the body language and can relate to it through visual stimulation. I believe representational painting is a universal language that can be understood by anyone willing to observe it, from young to old. It is by no means a new concept but the one that runs back centuries as far as the Christian church employing artists to visually educate the poor in the ways of their religion. I am a visual person and I enjoy observation of my surroundings. Art is my voice, through painting I can comprehend and express my thoughts or comments on the complex society that we built today. Often I cannot refrain from expressing the rapidity of change and my anxiety over what is to come. We are the society of overconsumption, environmental abuse and speedy development. I cannot ignore how different the world of today is from the days of my early childhood spent in Russia during the fall of USSR. I cannot ignore the state of confusion and helplessness and unpreparedness that looms over our generation. This fear for tomorrow is the conceptual drive behind my latest work. At the same time it is important that thoughts that I express in my art are visually and technically resolved. I believe that painting has two components- the side of the draftsman (technique) and the side of the thinker/philosopher (concept). In order for the painting to be successful both components have to be resolved. Stylistically I am honoring the centuries old language that has been employed by the old masters. I tend to grind my own pigments and employ different historic formulas for oil mediums depending on the support I use. I am fascinated with some of the chemical recipes that have been preserved through centuries. However sometimes I take advantage of materials available for the artists today, such as enamel paint as well as pearlescent pigments, in order to explore the freedom that artists of postmodern age have. While the thoughts and concepts behind my artwork stand for the turmoil that we as individuals face in the currents of social change, stylistically my art is homage to the century long traditions of oil painting.